When did Apple hijack the "Technology Category" in the news media?

When did Apple hijack the "Technology Category" in the news media?

Apple is said to be one of the most innovative companies in the world, but most of what Apple sets up and produces in the personal tech space is a compilation of technologies that didn’t originate there. Even more intriguing is the perception that has been created in the mass media due to the sheer number of articles, internet blogs, YouTube videos, tweets, TV news segments and comments on all this media debris.

The reality is that there are new discoveries in physics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, aviation, space, automotive and other industries that eclipse the amount of new technology that Apple has produced – and they happen every day. I know, I run a think tank and scan all of this information every day, and I’m blown away by how little is happening in the mainstream media these days. It seems, however, that there is a good reason for this problem – viewers, internet users and listeners just aren’t interested.

Why do you ask? Well, they don’t believe it affects them personally – but they’re wrong about that, because every new discovery of magnitude affects us all. There used to be a category just for companies like Apple – it was called “Personal Tech” and still is today, Apple press releases and every add-on, upgrade, or new app that came with it. stepped into the usual technological category – it actually drowns out “real technology” – things that are completely important to humanity and the forward progression of the human race.

It’s really damaging for businesses, entrepreneurs and real innovators around the world who work in tech far beyond social media, twitter, teens. And with all due respect to this next generation, who will soon be running things, there really is more to life than Apple. Just because Apple has dominated the personal tech category in personal music devices, cellphones, mini-tablets (with e-readers), and it’s not going to invade our TV soon – doesn’t mean it does. not the height of technology.

There are a lot more innovations in the world than Apple. Can’t someone turn off all this hype, and yes we need real Jobs, but maybe Jobs should understand that he is not a god. Please consider all of this.