Cocktail Dresses – Tips for Ladies

Cocktail Dresses – Tips for Ladies

If you are on the hunt for a cute cocktail dress and still don’t know how to choose one for you; then you can get some useful advice and find the perfect part for you. You must have seen a lot of fashion magazines that have a lot of different dresses in attractive colors and sexy cuts, but remember all of those cocktail dresses were worn by smart models or hung on perfectly made models. Is not it ? Well, the dress you saw in the magazine doesn’t have to look like you, so it’s best to find the right model that suits your body.

When selecting cocktail dresses, keep a few things in mind, such as your height, shape, and skin tone. If you dress with these things in mind, you would be perfect for a cocktail party.

So first of all know the shape of your body; identify heavy areas of your body or areas where you have excess fat. Colors play a very important role in concealing your flaws. you can balance your appearance just by using appropriate colors, for example if you are tall, dark colors can make you look slimmer; emerald green, navy blue and dark purple make you look slimmer. Light colors like gold, pearl, and gray help you look smaller, so if you are very tall and want to appear smaller, you can camouflage your height with these colors.

Fabrics also help you improve your appearance. If you are heavy and want to create curves, go for cotton or soft jersey as they create curves on the body without snagging. Chiffon is a soft fabric that looks elegant and classy; you will look more sexy in chiffon. If you have small breasts, you must have a puffy design on your upper part; you can make this part stand out by wearing a bold ornament.

You can create a good illusion by wearing different patterns; the fine vertical stripes make you look taller and the horizontal ones make you look small. Never wear large bold print if you are over size; it will make you look much bigger.

Now we come to the design; you can experiment with different models to hide your weak points, for example if you are short, go for short dresses and high heels; if you are busty and heavy in height, go for an A-line dress. Do not wear sleeveless sleeves if you have flabby arms, instead wear chiffon on your arms; it will cover your fat and give a sexier look. Likewise, don’t wear short dresses if you have heavy thighs.

So here are some tips for choosing cocktail dresses; if you choose according to them, you will definitely become the center of attraction.