Gothic Culture – History and What is Gothic Culture and Fashion

Gothic Culture – History and What is Gothic Culture and Fashion

What is goth?

Gothic fashion has nothing to do with dramatic medieval architecture or the Germanic tribes that overthrew the Roman Empire. Today, goth or goth is a culture in itself. It’s a way of life, reflected in clothes, jewelry, music, attitude and all fashion and art.

History of Gothic fashion

Gothic originated in England in the early 1980s as a subculture of punk – developing its own music, literature and fashion. The name is thought to derive from an article titled The Face of Gothic Punk in a British rock magazine published in 1981. Films like The crow brought culture across the Atlantic, first to California.

40 years and stronger than ever!

The popularity of goth was increased by the media and the desire of young people to look different. Perhaps it is for this reason that Gothic customs survived much longer than other subcultures of the same era.

be gothic

Goths take culture very seriously as a way of life. They believe that good and evil, beauty and destruction, light and dark, cannot exist without each other – and therefore their values ​​are different from the norm.

They have a wicked sense of humor and a love of dark 19th century literature and their own music. Goths can find art and beauty where these seem to be lacking

Why go gothic?

Although dressing in Victorian black velvet and wearing rings of armor is contrived, Goths do it to show off their culture and attitude to life. Being “dark” allows them to see the bad sides of life in a positive light.

Some young people look to goth culture to reflect how they feel about their lives, especially if they find it difficult to fit into society or mingle with others. There’s nothing wrong with that – in fact, it’s a good thing that people learn to express their individuality. Much better to expose those feelings in this way then in a violent or antisocial form.

False assumptions

Some think goth culture is negative, glorifying sadism and fate. Others think the Goths are violent and anarchistic. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Goths are generally relaxed, tolerant, non-violent, and pacifist people who use their fascination with death to view life with optimism. Also, goths are usually creative, using their imagination to stand out from the crowd.

Gothic things:

  • body piercing
  • Slavery
  • Crucifix
  • dark clothes
  • dark bracelets
  • Different hair style
  • egyptian ankh
  • Eye of Ra
  • Complete rings
  • Light makeup
  • punk rings
  • cutting edge jewelry