How to Create a Million Dollar Look Without Breaking Your Bank Account

How to Create a Million Dollar Look Without Breaking Your Bank Account

How to create a chic look and dress in the latest designer clothes on a budget.

Have you ever sat down in your favorite cafe to notice this woman who seems to have it all? She stands tall, exudes confidence, and seems to have spent her year of salary on her wardrobe. Maybe she’s cheating on you and just knows how to impersonate it. Either way, you might wonder why it isn’t you.

Every year, women waste thousands of dollars buying things they don’t need, don’t fit, or don’t. We become slaves to fashion magazines or celebrities telling us what to look like and giving us the false confidence that we have to. How many times have you bought a lipstick color because it looked good on the magazine model? It’s time to stop wasting interest-earning money in your savings account and buy wisely.

While it might seem like you have to spend thousands of dollars every year to look chic, you don’t have to. Start by studying the designer’s looks to determine the influence of your style, then go shopping. Nancy Gonzalez’s colorful crocodile crossbody bags sell for $ 3,600 and represent decadence in choice. Likewise, there are high-end designer labels that offer bespoke pieces for a fraction of that price. Make it available and affordable for middle income women.

Luxury designer clothes with chic styles can be found at cheaper sources that offer top quality and design. J. Crew is at the forefront of designer looks with its line of cocktail dresses, as well as trendy shirts, pants and skirts. I would compare them to DVF, Dior or even Alexander MacQueen for some of their influences, at a fraction of the cost. Look for the cheaper brands to offer quality stitching in their lining and stitching – this will set them apart from lower quality products.

Vince and Theory are two designer lines that offer knitted sweaters at a mid-range designer price. Their look is a trendy and clean minimalist approach that appeals to a wide range of women, especially those who work professionally. Soft knit sweaters provide a stylish daytime look with quality construction, usually around $ 400. When shopping for knitted items, be sure to look for pieces that won’t pilling excessively or stretching with use. Quality threads give a soft and luxurious feel without scratching. Leratti also offers a fresh new look in its iconic knit pieces, offering dresses, skirts, sweaters and even handbags, at a much better price.

Fashion accessories and jewelry are another way to create that million dollar look without having to buy the real one. Jewelry today looks much richer and more luxurious due to advancements in the technology of metals and synthetic stones. The finishes retain their brilliant hue and the stones create a shimmering effect. Unusual shapes layered on top of a fabulous outfit make a more solid statement. Look for balls that offer intricate shapes – twisted chains combined with hammered shapes for high-low sparkle; crystals, feathers, woven leather and seashells create upscale accents. Using unusual materials brings a unique approach to your style and will enhance even the simplest outfits.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork, throw away the things that aren’t working. If you haven’t worn it in a year, or if it needs impossible repairs, throw it away! Donate things that might work for someone else, and dispose of the rest wisely. Old shoes, handbags, makeup, accessories – you might be surprised by the results.

With our tight economic times, it doesn’t seem smart to spend too much money on hardware items. Budgeting and purchasing the necessary items doesn’t have to be expensive, and sometimes it’s worth having professional assistance. “We can’t quantify exactly what a one-of-a-kind high-end fashion wardrobe is worth, we can tell you: this one-off shopping experience can quite possibly be the best deal and the best investment you can make. . , says Leratti.

Fashion is not cheap, but it can be achieved on a low budget. By knowing the right pieces to complement your wardrobe, you can spend $ 500 or less, instead of $ 5,000, on an original designer piece of clothing.

Have confidence in yourself knowing that you are shining towards others and you will soon become that woman you were looking at from the cafe.

My best wishes to all in Fabulous fashion,

Your fashion designer and guru,

Natasha Leratti