Hungry for the love of fashion – NOT!

Hungry for the love of fashion – NOT!

The only constant thing in this world is change. Cliché, but it’s true. It applies to almost everything, but it applies more to fashion. Fashion trends change from time to time. Change in trend means change in your wardrobe. Therefore, changing your wardrobe means that you will have to buy new ones to make your wardrobe match the wardrobes of other people who like most women like to be fashionable.

You might read in a fashion magazine that suede flats are so hot last season and ankle wedges are for this fall. It does not matter. You’ll just find yourself going to a store to buy your new pair of ankle-length gladiator wedges, right? And guess what? When winter comes, it will be “last season” again.

So what are you doing? You go back to the store and buy another pair that is “so this season”. Then comes the next season and your new pair is out of season again and it never stops. The cycle continues until you find your closet full of a whole bunch of pairs that you can’t even remember when you’ve used them … or if you’ve used them before, all for fun. ‘to be “inside”.

You can actually be “in” all the time. You just need to remember one word all the time: recycle.

You don’t always need to update your wardrobe with the latest novelties and trends. What you need are the ones that always stay “in” whatever the season.

Like jeans for example. Believe me, they are ALWAYS in fashion. You just need to know what kind of jeans you should wear for what. Jeans are changing styles, but you can still wear them anytime of the year and for any occasion for that matter, even in some formal gatherings. They never go out of the fashion category for the simple reason that they are comfortable, easy to pair and inexpensive.

Classic pumps are still there too. You can wear them when you go to work, school, church and of course parties. Does it go with anything and regardless if you wear it everyday? If people notice in a way that offends you, why bother? It is a question of spirit over matter. You don’t mind, they don’t matter.

To keep it simple, splurge on the clothes, shoes, and accessories you want. There is nothing wrong with that (as long as you can afford them of course). Just make sure that when you buy it is really a good buy it lasts a long time and never goes out of style.