Importance and Benefits of CakePHP

Importance and Benefits of CakePHP

The world of web application development is filled with a multitude of platforms, programming languages, and systems; each with its advantages and disadvantages. Although there are various web development frameworks such as Django, Ruby on Rails and Node.JS; the de facto web development platform, even these days, is PHP. PHP’s stock setup is archaic, with various modern programming paradigms and concepts missing from the system. However, the extreme modularity of PHP allows developers to create their own web frameworks and solutions in addition to the language. Some of the most popular PHP frameworks include Laravel, Yii PHP Framework, Symfony PHP Framework, and CakePHP. Since 2018, CakePHP has been one of the most popular web frameworks for developing custom content management solutions and integrated social media solutions for various organizations. For a large number of high-quality web applications, CakePHP development has become the mainstay of developers around the world.

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open source PHP framework that uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach to web application development. The framework is heavily inspired by the Ruby on Rails concept and has been praised for its simplicity and extensibility. CakePHP has been widely used by Fortune 500 software companies such as Cisco and Corel Inc. as well as other organizations including antivirus makers BitDefender, car dealership, and menswear magazine Mens Health.

Advantages of the CakePHP framework

CakePHP offers a plethora of benefits to developers over traditional archaic PHP development modules. Some of the most important features, advantages and benefits of CakePHP are:

  • MVC template: CakePHP allows templates; with a specific model class which can be used to insert, update, delete or read data from the database. The view subsystem handles the rendering of data to the screen while the controller processes and responds to events, as well as modifies data before interacting with models. Such a system makes it easy to separate the logic of the web application from the presentation, which speeds up the development of large applications and complex websites.
  • Object-Relational Mapping: CakePHP supports object-relational mapping, which improves how developers can easily build web applications. Object-relational mapping involves a programming technique, especially in object-oriented programming where each object is mapped to a specific data type using a relational model, and the data type can be easily changed to suit to the developer’s requirements.
  • Auto-detection: The joy of CakePHP development is the minimal effort spent by the developer in configuring the system. Every subdirectory and its contents in the accessible directory are automatically detected by CakePHP, including custom scripts. The developer only needs to configure the database and its connections to CakePHP, and the framework takes care of the rest.
  • Extensibility: One of the biggest advantages of modern programming languages ​​is their extensibility through modules, libraries, and plugins. This ensures that for large parts of the code the developer does not need to “reinvent the wheel” and write functions and classes from scratch. The modular nature of CakePHP allows developers to reuse code, with additional modules and components easily integrated by the framework using its auto-detection toolkit.
  • Ajax support: Modern web applications often need to exchange data between client and server even when the application is running on the browser. Traditional PHP refreshes the page whenever new data is received from the server: a huge drawback for developing web applications such as spreadsheets, word processors, and email clients. AJAX enables the asynchronous exchange of data and has become common practice for web developers to create rich and immersive web applications. CakePHP natively supports AJAX and can be used in a variety of ways, including forms, events, and even model relationship events.


With modern web applications becoming as feature-rich and complex as their mobile and desktop counterparts, the benefits provided by a modern web framework such as Cake’s PHP development efforts dramatically, while adding modern programming concepts and paradigms to languages ​​such as PHP, breathing new life into them.