Is technology leading us to inhumanity?

Is technology leading us to inhumanity?

Many of you may be amazed at the title of this article. You may think this writer has gone mad or something. Technology that has made our life better than we ever imagined and now this writer says technology makes us inhuman. I will say, yes that’s it.

A few days ago, I saw a report on television. The journalist reported the suffering of some poor people who could not even eat two meals a day. But the journalist did not help them on the spot. Just report to the broadcast. It means that people’s suffering is used as a product to become famous or to earn a living. Another incident was, a few days ago, during a graduation ceremony at a university, one of the guests passed out on the spot. There were around 300 students but none of them rushed to help the guest. Rather, they took their picture and sent the news to their friends and family, tweeted on Twitter and shared on Facebook and other social media sites. They didn’t even think about helping the person, they just took the opportunity to make last minute news.

Now we have the technology to stream anything live from the spot. Anyone can be a reporter using their movable cameras while traveling the streets and some accidents do happen. We cannot control what should be broadcast and what should not. But we have to think before we do anything.

I remember a classic movie called “Roman Holiday” in which a princess came to Italy to travel. But since she was a princess, she couldn’t move around freely. So her parents checked her and gave her sleeping pills at night. One night, she went out without her parents’ permission to travel but fell asleep in the street because of the sleeping pills. A reporter found her and took her home. The next day a report came on a missing girl. But it was not mentioned that she was a princess. Seeing the report, the journalist understood that it was her he had brought home last night. He could have spread the news in public that he had found the princess and made money and popularity. But he didn’t do it to save the honor of the princess and her family.

In schools and colleges, students have sexual intimacy, make videos of it and distribute them on the Internet. Some people blackmail their girlfriends and family. Our culture and our social values ​​are destroyed.

We cannot stay without technology, but we must make ourselves mature enough to adopt with the advancement of technology. We should shoot ten videos with cultural and educational values ​​if we shoot just one porn.