Platform shoes are 35 years old and still going strong

Platform shoes are 35 years old and still going strong

It’s a well-known fact that women love shoes and when it comes to their wardrobe, it’s a simple fact that more is better. Gone are the days when shoes were simply designed to support and protect your feet and today they are truly a fashion item. After all, what’s the point of buying a stunning new outfit unless you’re buying a great new pair of shoes to go with it?

Now, while shoes have become mostly a fashion item, a big problem has developed and it’s just that many shoes now look great, but they aren’t that comfortable. Every woman knows the feeling of squeezing her feet into a pair of uncomfortable shoes just because they look fantastic and their legs look great too.

There is, however, one style of shoe that largely solves this problem and that is the platform shoe, which first appeared in the mid-1970s and became an instant hit. Almost overnight, they appeared on fashion shows in Paris, in top fashion magazines and in major outlets. Within weeks they had made their way and could be found in even the smallest local village shoe shops.

Now, most new styles are here today and gone tomorrow, but that certainly hasn’t been the case with platform shoes. Granted, they’re certainly not as fashionable as they were in the 1970s, but women’s love for the platform shoe has lasted a very long time and has never really died out. So why have they been extremely popular for so long and still remain a favorite with women over 35 years after their introduction?

Platform shoes are extremely comfortable and you can literally walk for miles with no problem. They are also great “all-weather” fashion shoes that keep your feet off the sidewalk and pavement so you can tackle wet conditions with ease. This is also significantly helped by the sturdy sole which gives you non-slip traction.

Platform shoes have a slight curve towards the sole so that your toes are usually two or three inches off the ground and your heel is then raised four, five, six inches or more to give that look that men find so attractive. . The soles are also designed to be tough and hardwearing so they will last for years without needing repair.

When it comes to uppers, the range of materials used is vast, and you’ll find rigs in a huge range of styles. This means that the platforms are perfect for all occasions and can be worn for a night out in an elegant restaurant or as beach sandals. They can also be worn with just about anything, from a fabulous designer dress to your favorite pair of jeans.

In short, platform shoes are a classic and there should be a place in every woman’s wardrobe for at least a pair or three.