The Health Benefits of Virgin Bloody Mary Drink

The Health Benefits of Virgin Bloody Mary Drink

Cocktails are great fun in any environment. There are people who simply don’t want to drink cocktails because they don’t appreciate the negative health effects they face from drinking too much alcohol. This causes people to avoid cocktails altogether, but there are many cocktails that can be made in a non-alcoholic version that will have great benefits for your health. One of the best recipes you can have without alcohol is the virgin Bloody Mary drink. So put away the punch and the wine. Put the beer back in the fridge and get ready to try a healthier cocktail recipe that everyone can enjoy.

Why the Bloody Mary is healthy

The main ingredient in a Bloody Mary is the main reason the drink is so healthy to begin with. The tomato juice that is used for the cocktail includes many different vitamins in a concentrated dosage. One of the most abundant vitamins is lycopene. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is very good for your heart. It helps remove blockages caused by plaque in your arteries as well as other heart conditions.

You will also find plenty of vitamin C in tomato juice. Many people don’t know how much vitamin C you can get from a tomato. Since tomato juice contains all the water in the tomato, you get every ounce of vitamin C the tomato has to offer. What better way to enjoy it than with the spicy concoction that is Bloody Mary drink. You will even find that you will consume less sugar and sodium than if you drank a soft drink of the same volume.

How to Increase Health Benefits

While the standard Bloody Mary is already quite healthy, you’ll get even more benefits by pairing it with a stalk of celery or even adding celery puree to your mix. Adding garlic and onions is another great heart-healthy way to drink yourself into a healthier future. Even adding the spice is a great way to increase metabolism and awaken the senses. You can find it in horseradish or hot sauce. These two ingredients are common. Use fresh lime juice in the cocktail and the health benefits will explode.

Some may try to say how wines have been proven to help reduce fat and increase heart function. While there may be some truth to this, drinking alcohol just isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the health benefits that are available to you from a properly prepared drink. You can enjoy a Bloody Mary drink and your body will thank you. The best part is that this is a cocktail you can share with the whole family, even if they like to drink alcohol. No one will miss the vodka if you have a great recipe to share.